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Holiday at Bornholm

The island of Bornholm is situated in the Baltic sea and is one of Denmark's most popular and sought-after holiday destinations.

On Bornholm you can enjoy a host of activities for people of all ages, particularly in the summer. You can go hiking in the beautiful countryside and along the rocky coasts, relax on one of the many beautiful beaches or visit the many artist and galleries resident here.  Bornholm also boasts the ruin of Hammershus Castle and the popular amusement park Joboland, also known as Brændegårdshaven. Or how about a freshly smoked herring accompanied by a chilled beer from one of the local microbreweries?

Bornholm is known as the sunshine island because its climate differs from the rest of Denmark. You will also find plant and animal species here that do not live anywhere else in Denmark.

hotels Bornholm
On Bornholm, we offer a wide selection and different accommodation possibilities including hotels in all price ranges, seaside hotels, resorts and hostels.
Hotels, hostels and resorts on Bornholm

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On Bornholm, you will also find large popular holiday home areas, and we offer holiday homes across all price ranges and in all the attractive areas.
Holiday homes on Bornholm

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