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Holiday in Denmark

Holiday in Denmark

Denmark has a host of great holiday experiences to offer. Whether you prefer an active holiday packed with wonderful nature experiences, a seaside holiday, a family holiday or a romantic stay at an inn or a luxury city hotel, Denmark is the ideal choice.

During the summer months, all the popular holiday areas attract Danish and foreign tourists alike, offering myriads of activities for families and couples and for young and old alike. Experience some of the world's most child-friendly beaches, aqua parks, beautiful nature experiences, sports activities on the beaches, long stretches of coast and the country's many popular attractions such as Legoland, Lalandia, Fårup Sommerland, Djurs Sommerland, Tivoli, Bakken, BonBon-Land and many more.

In the autumn, you can enjoy a ramble among the beautiful changing woodland colours, enjoy the many local attractions, spend a cosy hour or two at a café or go shopping. 

In the winter, you can experience a white, snow-clad Denmark ideal for sledding, cross-country skiing or cosy indoor activities. Along the coasts, you can go for brisk, exhilarating walks and, if you are lucky, marvel at the ice ridges along the beaches and other spectacular natural phenomenons.

In the spring, Denmark comes alive in earnest. Parks, squares and other outdoor spaces suddenly fill up with happy Danes, and the many attractions reopen after their winter hiatus.

At, you will find just the right kind of accommodation, no matter what kind of holiday you are planning. We offer holiday homes all across Denmark, from large luxury homes with all kinds of extras such as swimming pool or spa to cosy cottages close to the beach. Besides holiday homes, we offer a wide selection of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, holiday centres and inns. You can choose from  international hotel chains, 5-star luxury hotels, budget hotels and hostels as well as charming Danish B&Bs and inns.

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